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Voice Solutions: Atheral

Founded by two telecommunications veterans in 2018, Atheral is building customer-centric white- label and wholesale cloud solutions for Internet Service Providers that decrease end-user churn and increase profitability while being geo-redundant, highly available, and scalable. We focus on redefining technology in the cloud to minimize capital expenses while providing a predictable operating cost. Atheral’s core white-label Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform is simple, flexible, and feature- rich with unique US-based support resources. Atheral is […]

Business: What is a WISP

A Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) is an Internet service provider that allows users to connect to the internet using radio waves to deliver internet to the customer.   The operating mechanism of a WISP involves pulling an expensive and large point-to-point connection to the center of the areas that needs to be serviced.  The process involves locating an elevated building or communications tower on which wireless equipment can be mounted.  A simple explanation of a […]