A tool to find out if BGP is lying to you

APNIC has a bog article on detecting “bgp lies”.

Do you ever wonder whether you can really trust other networks, such as your provider(s) and peers? More precisely, wouldn’t you like to be able to tell if the traffic you send always flows through the paths received in the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)? Could it be that, for some prefixes, the forwarding path might differ?

Dual monitors.sure. five monitors..can you keep track

With all of the people working from home with the Covid-19 restrictions, I see the topic of multiple monitors come up quite often on Facebook discussions. If you are not a fan of having more than one monitor you need to listen to the following video. This is an excellent video on time management. If you want to skip to the dual monitor stuff it starts at 27:15

The question is how many monitors are too much? How much information can your brain focus on at any given time?  Studies have shown we are more focused on tasks if that is the only thing in front of us.  We make fewer mistakes if we are focusing on one, maybe two tasks. Having too much information can lead to lack of focus.

From a Facebook group



Just some food for thought.

The following is my monitor setup. I used to have four monitors. A year ago I bought a 32″ high-resolution monitor to replace two of my monitors.  You see a third in this photo.  I added this about three months ago because I found myself listening to YouTube videos and other media. Having a dedicated screen for this freed up much of my moving of windows. this screen also has a Roku box and a retorpi emulator for those times I need a break but can’t step away.

I like this setup for a couple of reasons. The first is it allows me to have what I am working on front and center.  Depending on what I am working on it may be on the laptop screen or the bigger screen.  Viso and programs with toolbars typically go on the large screen. e-mail, slack, and other things go on the other screen.  Most of my network monitoring tools either get dumped into a Slack channel or e-mail.  I have turned off any ding notifications. These are interruptions.

Where would more monitors be helpful?  If I wanted to have a dedicated monitor for some sort of monitoring tools such as Librenms dashboard, The Dude, or something similar.   As my career progresses I am investing more in redundancy and focused monitoring rather than watching ever little part of the network.  I schedule review time for this stuff. More on this in a later post.


tool of the Week: Primus folding cable caddy


This Cable Caddy measures 20″ by 16″ and is the ideal installers’ tool of choice for bulk cable distribution. Our cable caddies are designed to be light weight, and durable to ensure years of trouble-free cable installations. This cable caddy is engineered using a quality, lightweight steel tubing with a unique folding mechanism for easy transportation of the caddy.

The cable caddies features a simple reel installation. To ensure a long lasting, quality product each cable caddy is coated with a durable powder finish to protect from weathering.


  • Heavy duty, lightweight 3/4″ steel tubing
  • Unique folding mechanism allows for easy fold and transport
  • Features tough, durable powder coated finish to keep cable caddy from weathering
  • Solid steel spool support bar to withstand the weight of most large spools of cable
  • Holds one 20” x 16” reel
  • Holds up to 100 lbs.
  • Made in USA

Tower Climb items you never have enough of

If you are like me you get to a tower site and don’t have enough Carabiners, or don’t have enough rope.  You make a mental note to order more, but after a long day you forget, that is until you are at the tower site the next time. So I have compiled a list, with the help of the Folks at toweroneinc.com, of things you don’t can’t have enough of.


Gloves – I am always needing a decent pair of gloves

Eye Protection
I did a blog post on the MTIN blog awhile back on the Skullerz. https://www.mtin.net/blog/skullerz-first-looks/

Tool Lanyards – These are now required to be OSHA compliant
Check out a post on TowerOne about Lanyards. https://toweroneinc.com/blogs/news/ansi-121-2018-tool-lanyards

FlashlightFlashlights – Get a couple of rechargeable flashlights and a Headlamp

Pulleys – How many times have you not had enough pulleys to rig the tower for mximum effectiveness?

These are just a few of the things I always forget to buy the next day because I didn’t have them.  I am hoping this list will help you.